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Single Shaft Shredder

  • Single Shaft Shredder
  • Single Shaft Shredder
  • Single Shaft Shredder
  • Single Shaft Shredder
  • Single Shaft Shredder
Single Shaft ShredderSingle Shaft ShredderSingle Shaft ShredderSingle Shaft ShredderSingle Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Shredder

  • Product description: The HC single shaft shredder series is suitable for recycling wide range of materials.They are ideal machines for plastic, paper, wood, fiber, cable& wire, rubber, WEEE, light metals, MSW, organics an

Application fields
•  Plastic products field
•  Waste plastic field
•  Metal recycling field
•  Waste paper recycling field
•  Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) field
•  Timber processing field
Application range
• various plastic material
• waste film, agricultural film,mulch plastic film,pp woven bags,PET bottles
• Aluminum,cans,scrap iron,circuit board,cable and wire
• paper,books,industrial waste paper
• wood,wooden pallet,branch,building wood
• transformer,plug,data line

Working principle:

Raw material reaches the inner shredding box through filling system with rotor and blades.The hydraulic ram pushes the material against to the rotor.Rotor is shifted by the gear box and after shredding, extruding and cutting, the material comes with small pieces and run out from the screen mesh.

Technical points:

  • The crushing efficiency is improved significantly by using different blade for different garbage composition.
  • Imported alloy steel, excellent for anti-wearing.
  • Detachable blade, easy for maintenance.
  • Cutter head(teeth)can be repaired by hardfacing, reducing the maintenance cost.
  • Optional imported hydraulic motor with stable driving force
  • Siemens and Schneider main electrical components.
  • Automatic overload protecting to avoid being overloaded and stuck.
  • Seperated bearing seat design which is easy to replace the blade quickly.
  • Counter blades can be adjusted to keep the proper distance between the rotor blades.
  • Screen mesh is interchangeable and easy to replace.
  • Guide bars and guide blocks in the ram is interchangeable and adjustable to keep the smooth and sealing working.
  • Double speed hydraulic system and cooling system are standard

Main Components

1. Belt tension

Motor was installed on a tension supporting seat which can automatically adjust angle of belt,no need any manual operation.

2. Ram

The hydraulic ram pushes material against the cutter.

3. Screen

Various screen size and shape

4. Rotor & Rotor knife

Various rotor configurations available for processing a wide range of materials. the four corner of the blades can be changed.

5. Shock absorber

Shock absorber protects the machine and its various parts from damage by vibration caused by the shredding of the material.

6. Gear box

Adopt hardened teeth on the reducer and water cooled function to safe operating.

7. Bearing seat

Bear was set up external to avoid foreign contamination entering the bearing housing, meanwhile, set up regular adding oil nozzle.

8. Hydraulic system

The pressure and flow can be adjusted in according to different material.

Rotor structure:

Rotor structure:The rotor is set according to the characteristic of the material. Standard rotor and H type hard material rotor can be chosen.

1. Standard rotor is suitable for various material which is easy to shred, such as PE, PP, PS, PET, timber, leather, paper, ect.

2. HC type hard material rotor is suitable for hard material, such as ABS, cable and so on. This type of rotor has larger diameter than the standard one to reduce to chip height of the rotor tool nose. Counter bladed will be set on the hard material rotor according to the raw material..

Single shaft shredder specifications

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