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Wastewater Grinder

  • Pipeline Wastewater Grinder
Pipeline Wastewater Grinder

Pipeline Wastewater Grinder

  • Product description: The HC wastewater grinder is a high torque, low rotating speed and double shaft grinder underwater. It is designed to pulverizing all kinds of solid waste((clothing, plastics, trash, wood, aluminumca

Brief Introduction:

Pipeline grinder can be installed in variety of diameter pipelines to pulverize the solids to 8-12mm particles.

Working Principle

1. Wastewater with solid waste in pipe line will get into the grinder.

2. Double shaft cutter grind the solid wastes by rotating in the opposite direction.

3. Solid wastes are reduced to 6mm-12mm particles and passes through the grinder.

Main components

1. Motor

Special motor with various power options

2. Speed reducer

Planetary gear reducer, strong load impact resistance

3. Blade

It is made from heat-treated alloy steel, with uniformly surface hardened , the hardness is no less than 45~50HRC;

4. Shaft

Heat treated hexagonal alloy steel

5. Housing

It is made from nodular cast iron

PLC Control System Introduction

LCD display, with Chinese/English language interface. It can show the real-time running monitoring and error records for checking.

Auto-reversing setting: The motor load will increase an lead to a current rising, when the cutters blocked. Once the current reached a pre-set point, the motor will reverse automatically, the current, reversing times and time can be set according to the application.

Automatic running setting: Automatic running, stopping, and running time can be set by the actual flow rate. It can automatic start and stop, and no need to operate by manual handle to sae the labor cost.

MODBUS communication port: Local/remote control function by PC or other equipment. Free PC controlling software available.

Password protection: you can set a password for the operating interface to prevent any mis operation.

Control cabinet was made of 304 stainless steel. IP55 for indoor and IP65 for outdoor cabinet. Simple and easy to install and maintain.


1. Easy installation and flexible

2. Mechanical sealed with high pressure resistant can take about 6.3kg/cm2, No need cleaning and adjust packing gland.

3. Double shaft design

More suitable for various kinds of solid wast crushing.To crushing the solid by two anti rotating axes .

4. Blade option

Various tooth design to meet different customer’s requirements and various special situation;


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