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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Shredder

  • MSW Pre-shredder
  • MSW Pre-shredder
  • MSW Pre-shredder
  • MSW Pre-shredder
  • MSW Pre-shredder
  • MSW Pre-shredder
  • MSW Pre-shredder
MSW Pre-shredderMSW Pre-shredderMSW Pre-shredderMSW Pre-shredderMSW Pre-shredderMSW Pre-shredderMSW Pre-shredder

MSW Pre-shredder

  • Product description: MSW pre-shredder is the best suitable machine for MSW crushing, with high torque, large capacity, high efficiency, low speed, low noise and low cost. The maximum capacity is up to 70 tons / hour, outp

MSW pre-shredder is the best suitable machine for MSW crushing, with high torque, large capacity, high efficiency, low speed, low noise and low cost. The maximum capacity is up to 70 tons / hour, output size ≤ 200mm. Automatic control system, with anti-blocking automatic reversal function and remote control function. Patented blade is detachable and easy maintenance. Surface can be hardfacing repaired, to prolong the service time of the blade, and significantly reduce the maintenance costs. The machine is modular and can be removed and replaced quickly.With anti-winding counting blade which can effectively solve the problems of material wrapped around the shaft, materials blocking, materials hanging and other problem. There are equipped with automatic discharging and maintenance doors in the hopper, which is easy for maintenance. Multi-sealed, to prevent dust and waste water into the bearing, and protect it. The driving system option: motor, hydraulic (open), hydraulic (closed).


Technical points:
1. Use different cutter with different garbage composition, crushing efficiency improve significantly.
2. Imported alloy steel ,excellent for anti-wearing.
3. Detachable cutter, easy for maintenance.
4. Cutter head(teeth)can be repaired by hardfacing, reduce the maintenance cost.
5. Large capacity ,10-100t/h.

6. Optional for imported hydraulic motor, driving force is stable.

Main components

Discharging and maintenance doors

There will be hard or unbreakable material in the crushing chamber, such as stone, concrete, metal, etc., or when the shredder need to be maintained, the discharging door will open automatically, and the double-axle anti-axle can discharge all the foreign matter.


The bi-parting body and the bearing seat facilitates combination design is convenient for maintenance and protection. It can prevent liquid and dust from seeping into the bearing seat and corroding the bearing, to reduce its service life. The body is built with replaceable wear-resistant NM550. To ensure its wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Main shaft

The speed reducer and the blade adopt German standard splined connection with large transmission torque. The parts which put in the main shaft are not relative sliding, a large amount of teeth with large contact area, which is able to bear heavy load with high positioning accuracy and even connecting pressure.

Blade configuration

According to the characteristics of different materials, the blade can be configurated in L, V, S, X 4 different type. In order to avoid overhead in the hopper, skidding and the blade cannot shred the material during shredding or feeding.


To ensure durability and flexibility, we can offer the different kinds of blades in accord to different shredding material.

Driving system (Radial motor)

The whole hydraulic driving adopts closed balance power asynchronous control. The hydraulic drive system instead of motor drive is designed to work under the rigorous applications.It increases torque and the speed can be controlled without undesired current peaks, at same moment, its possible to reduce mechanical damage accordingly.

Axial motor + reducer

The wide control range helps the variable motor to meet the requirements of high speed and high torque.To save cost by using the small pump instead of gear shift. Compact, rugged bearing system with long service life and high power density, also with good start up performance, and lower inertia moment .The output torque will increase with the pressure difference and the continuous increase of the displacement.


rotor structure

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